Melissa Reneé is a multitalented artist who lives on a wooded acre in the beautiful town of Battle Ground, Washington. She studied music at Multnomah University and has been songwriting for several years. Her debut single, “Sing a New Song”, released with Tonic Echo Studios in 2022. Her current project is a full-length album that traces her healing journey through ongoing hardship. With vulnerable authenticity she seeks to challenge the happy face we often feel compelled to hold up when our battles are too dark, too confusing, or too long. Her compelling melodic lines invite the listener to feel her heart and hopefully encourage them to share their own real stories with others around them. What would our community look like if we were bravely authentic with the hard stuff?

Melissa Reneé desires to reflect God’s beauty in her art, and her other artistic pursuits include photography, poetry, sewing, drawing and painting. She has been singing as far back as she can remember – duets with her brother, school choirs, college touring groups, an international singing tour, and most often with her church worship team.

Melissa lives with her husband of 18 years and her four amazing children who she joyfully invests in each day. In her free time, if she’s not creating art, you might find her browsing the Battle Ground vintage stores, hiking with her little four-legged buddy, Blackberry, or curled up with a good book and a cup of rooibos tea in her pretty chair nestled in the bay window.


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Photography by Brienne Kristen